Entry #2

Beginning Updates!

2014-01-20 16:15:50 by Smason

Well, since 2014 is here, I thought I share my Updates for these two months of January and February!

Pokemon Black and White 2 Chapter 12 is Complete! That's right, Pokemon Black and White 2 Comic's chapter is done for now. This was Part 1 of the Best of Friends saga! Were kicking this into overdrive and have Chapter 13 in the end of January! Here's the last two pages of the comic. Page 146- 1shemar.deviantart.com/art/Pok… Page 147- 1shemar.deviantart.com/art/Pok… Just wanna thank CCgonzo12 for the Sprites for Cici, since day 1, I wanted to have a female protagonist as well for a friend to talk to!

Super Smash Bros Z Updates Yep, I finally made a Title Sequence for this upcoming series called "Super Smash Bros Z." Go and check it out! www.youtube.com/watch?v=C23l1h… I just need a Male Narrator voice and I will get a chance to voice myself as well! This Episode will just include Mario, Luigi and Toad. Got a Pop Filter! Sweet, got myself a Pop Filter for my microphone for Voice Acting! I'm pretty impressed with the quality for this thing! t.co/DPVfqkwlWk and that should do the trick for now, I'll make some updates for those two months! See ya around Trainers!  


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